A Pillow is Everything when it comes to Quality of Sleep

Your pillow has a huge impact of your quality of sleep

"Pillows can not only impact the quality of our sleep, but also how healthfully we rest and recharge," says sleep expert Michael Breus, PhD, a clinical psychologist and author of Beauty Sleep: Look Younger, Lose Weight, and Feel Great Through Better Sleep.

Your pillow should support the head, neck, and align the spine, otherwise there will be discomfort causing unrestful sleep. 

Shredded memory foam pillows offer the versatility and adjustment of down pillows with the support of memory foam. 

An older pillow will also be full of skin cells, bacteria, fungus, mildew, and dust mites which can make up more than half of a pillows weight. An old pillow can cause numerous sleeping problems. 

Bamboo is a natural bacteria fighter. Using Bamboo derived rayon pillowcases (like the kind we use at Original Bamboo) helps fight bacteria, allergens, dust mites, and fungus keeping you healthy! 


  • Jeff GIeselmann

    Ok so I got one of your king size original bamboo pillows. The note says to register it and a video will instantly appear to go through the directions for use. This “video” never ever appeared. Why not put the instructions in with the pillow? Your link is faulty. Your phone number doesn’t have anyone available and I haven’t even got to my shrink-wrapped pillow. Do I put it in the dryer? Can it be washed? I know nothing!!!

  • Helen Musgrove

    these are the worst pillows I have ever tried to sleep on… and yes I followed all the instructions. They are hard, lumpy and they do not comform to your head and neck as promised.
    Very Unhappy with my purchase of two of these,,, oh yes and they stink.

  • Jan Allen

    I have tried to email and get no response. Mine did not come in a carry bag…would never order from them again. Mine says made in China. .I thought they were made in Indiana.

  • Brenda Crichley

    How do I contact about my order! I just placed it do not know if it even went through… I would like a reply as soon as possible no way to contact this company or conformation on orders! Please address my issuer as soon as possible???

  • Barbara Harrison

    I would like contact info for who ever sells these pillows. their contact uslink doesn"t work. How do I e-mail them?

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